August 29, 2023

Online Video Ads Reached Four Times as Many Diagnosed Patients at MyHealthTeam and Here’s Why

By Elizabeth Luce, EVP Strategic Partnerships & Business Operations

The average person watches 17 hours of online video each week, and video ads have nine times higher recall than print. But those great results only materialize when you can effectively target your online video ads to the types of people you want to reach. It’s no surprise that pharma and agency partners asked MyHealthTeam if we could take our on-platform approach of reaching diagnosed patients and apply it off platform with video ads to increase scale and impact. Here’s what we learned. 


MyHealthTeam launched online video (OLV) ads earlier this year, and the results are impressive. By applying the de-identified zero-party data of millions of members combined with our deep knowledge of patient populations, we modeled out audiences to effectively reach diagnosed patients with relevant OLV ads.  

online video ads

Zero-party data from millions of MyHealthTeam members fuels off-platform audience models. Learn more about zero-party data here.

In a recent campaign, the percentage of diagnosed patients we reached (audience quality) was four times that of the other publishers and at a cost that was 25 percent lower on average. 

audience quality

Brands are shifting away from linear TV and are embracing smarter targeting in a privacy-safe way. The use of omnichannel marketing to have multiple touch points with patients through a medium like OLV increases a brand’s impact. By tapping into MyHealthTeam’s unique datasets and knowledge of patients across 50 condition-based social networks, brands can gain a competitive advantage to target the right patients on and off our platform.  

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