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Helping employees navigate the challenges of having a chronic condition
Helping employees navigate the challenges of having a chronic condition
Autism Speaks: Raising Awareness For Condition That Affects 1 In 50 Children
Log On, and Save Your Life?
Social Network Connects Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors
Advice for parents of children just diagnosed with autism, from those who’ve been there
MyHealthTeam's Mary Ray Named to Inc. Female Founders 100 List
Helping patients see around corners creates niche audiences at scale: An interview with CEO and co-founder of MyHealthTeam
A Social Network for Women Facing Breast Cancer
The Connected TV Opportunity for Pharma Marketers: Expanding Reach Among Highly Qualified Audiences
In MS, Healthcare Inequities Based on Race & Ethnicity “Still Prevail”
Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Online Surveys Evaluating Patient Perspectives on Treatment Satisfaction
Building Online Communities for People with Chronic Conditions with Mary Ray (MyHealthTeam)
This disease strips the color from their skin. Now, people with vitiligo debate whether to treat or embrace their condition
AbbVie challenges psoriasis patients with MyHealthTeams linkup
In MS, Healthcare Inequities Based on Race & Ethnicity “Still Prevail”
June 2023
MM&M debunks six popular misconceptions around online health communities
Cimzia maker UCB signs MyHealthTeams to pump up spondyloarthritis social network
myHIVteam: Community at Your Fingertips
The Best Multiple Sclerosis Apps of the Year
Social network helps women with breast cancer make connections and find support
PM360 2022 Innovative Strategy HS Resource Center from UCB and MyHealthTeam
December 2022
How Medical Affairs Professionals Are Effectively Engaging and Educating Patients in Social Networks
5 takeaways from MM+M Transform’s morning sessions
How MyHealthTeams Cofounder and CEO, Eric Peacock, Brings a Patient-Centric Perspective to Medical Affairs
PM360 2020 Innovative Service: Disease-Specific COVID-19 Patient Education from MyHealthTeam
Patient–Physician Interactions Regarding Dyspareunia with Endometriosis: Online Survey Results
MyHealthTeams, EMD Serono Launch Online Family Planning Resource Center for MS Patients
Biogen, MyMSTeam social network launch patient education resource
MyHealthTeams works with UCB on new spondyloarthritis-focused social network
MyHealthTeams raises $7.3M to give fuller picture of patient experience to pharma sector
If Embraced by the Industry, Med Tech Showcased at SXSW Could Transform Health Care
Case Study: Patient Education in a Social Network
How to create authentic connections with today’s chronic condition patients
Ryan Noach and Eric Peacock discuss online patient communities
MyHealthTeam's Mary Ray Aims To Help Those With Endometriosis Feel Less Alone
Largest Bay Area Digital Health Companies
Inside the 2020 World Vitiligo Day USA Virtual Event
MyHealthTeams launches new resources for pregnant women with MS
Building A Community: An Interview With MyHealthTeams
Bioverativ taps patient social network for input on hemophilia trial design
Biogen Idec turns to MyHealthTeam in successful test of social networks for enrolling MS clinical trial
Characterizing the ‘feel-good experience’ in multiple sclerosis patients treated with natalizumab or other therapies
4 Steps for Making Your Medical Affairs Programs Useful to Patients
MyHealthTeams launches new tool for patients with 'long COVID'
COVID-19 Upended the Patient-Doctor Relationship — For the Better. What Do Consumers Living with Chronic Conditions Want Now?
MyEndometriosisTeam and AbbVie educate patients on COVID-19 and chronic disease
Online Resource Center Informs MS Patients About Treatments, Adherence
PM360 2018 Innovative Strategy: Resource Centers from MyHealthTeams
ELITE 2018: Entrepreneur Eric Peacock of MyHealthTeams
Online patient communities consider the platform: Facebook, or somewhere more private?
MyHealthTeams Lands $3.3M To Bring Mobile-Friendly Social Networks To Those Living With Chronic Health Conditions
How Online Patient Communities Promote Health Equity
4 Essential Steps for Building Authentic Relationships with Patients
MyVitiligoTeam Patient Education on Clinical Trials
Chronic Conditions Have Worsened During Covid. Here’s How Medical Affairs Leaders Can Help.
The Patient’s View: What Value Means to the Person Who Matters Most
ELITE 2020 Data Miners: Beth Schneider and Heather Lapidus Glassner of MyHealthTeams
MyHealthTeams Recognized As One Of The Bay Area’s Largest Digital Health Companies
A Virtual Support Group for Endometriosis? There’s an App For That!
6 Phone Apps for People With UC
Transforming Recruitment for Clinical Trials via Patient Social Networks

Press Releases


July 18, 2024
MyHealthTeam Hires Dante Gaudio As EVP, Partnerships
July 9, 2024
MyHealthTeam Wins Multiple Digital Health Awards for Work in Breast Cancer, HIV, IBD and MS
March 26, 2024
MyHealthTeam Launches MyDesmoidTumorTeam
March 25, 2024
EVERSANA and MyHealthTeam Launch Groundbreaking Direct-to-Patient Solution to Accelerate Time to Diagnosis and Treatment


February 16, 2024
myPBCteam Launched by MyHealthTeam to Help People Living with Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC)


November 1, 2023
MyType1DiabetesCenter Launched by MyHealthTeam to Mark Diabetes Awareness Month
May 30,2023
MyMSTeam to Release Multiple Sclerosis Health Equity and Quality of Life Research, and Achieves Significant Milestone on MS Awareness Day
September 26, 2023
MyHealthTeam Appoints Digital Health Innovator Chevon Rariy, M.D. To Its Board of Directors
April 4, 2023
MyHealthTeam Announces MyKidneyDiseaseCenter, a Knowledge Center for People Facing the Rare Kidney Diseases C3G and IgAN
September 19, 2023
MyHealthTeam Launched MyEndometrialCancerCenter to Help Women Detect and Treat Endometrial Cancer Early
April 3, 2023
MyHealthTeam Launches myPNHteam, a Free Social Network for People Living With Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
February 8, 2023
MyHealthTeam Announced myITPcenter, a Knowledge Center for People Facing Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)
July 6, 2023
MyHealthTeam Launched myDMDCenter, a Knowledge Center for People Facing Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


December 9, 2022
MyHealthTeam and Color of Crohn’s and Chronic Illness Partner to Educate and Empower BIPOC Individuals
June 23, 2022
MyHealthTeam Launches myAIHAteam, a Social Network for People Diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA)
December 1, 2022
MyHealthTeam and Arcutis Biotherapeutics Launch New Social Network for People Living with Seborrheic Dermatitis
March 1, 2022
MyHealthTeam and Discovery Health Partner to Launch myCOVIDteam, a Secure Social Network for People Who Have COVID-19 or Long COVID
October 6, 2022
MyHealthTeam Launches MyPrurigoTeam, a Social Network for People Living with Prurigo Nodularis
September 1, 2022
MyHealthTeam Launches myEoEcenter, a Knowledge Center for People Facing Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)

MyHealthTeam Co-Founders

MyHealthTeam was founded in 2012 by Eric Peacock and Mary Ray. They launched MyAutismTeam, followed by MyBCTeam for breast cancer. Both sites proved the concept that people with chronic conditions and rare diseases — and their caregivers — need medically reviewed information combined with peer support from others facing the same diagnosis. Eric and Mary have led the MyHealthTeam in continued growth. In 10 years, MyHealthTeam’s portfolio has grown to serve nearly 60 medical conditions.

Eric Peacock

Eric Peacock

Co-Founder and CEO
Eric Peacock, co-founder and CEO of MyHealthTeam, is passionate about empowering people facing chronic health conditions. He uses his own product as a member of MyVitiligoTeam and myCOVIDteam. Millions of people rely on MyHealthTeam’s 56+ condition-specific social networks for information, resources and support. Recognized for leading innovation in patient education and activation, Eric is often quoted in publications including FiercePharma, MobiHealthNews and MM+M. He was recognized as a DTC Innovator in 2019 and was named to PM360’s ELITE list in 2018. He has spoken at conferences such as SXSW, Cannes Lions Health, BIO, SCOPE and Digital Pharma. Eric previously worked closely with patient communities in his role at Perlegen Sciences, focused on understanding the genetic underpinnings of chronic conditions. He is a graduate of Stanford Business School and Harvard College.
Mary Ray

Mary Ray

Co-Founder and COO
Mary Ray, co-founder and COO of MyHealthTeam, has a deep understanding of consumer behavior and social networking which has made the company’s websites and mobile apps a daily habit for millions facing a chronic health condition. Her innovative vision for digital health solutions has transformed the way people connect with others who share their diagnosis, facilitating unfiltered conversation and accelerating access to trusted information. Recognized for building scalable platforms that drive consumer engagement, Mary was named to the Inc. Magazine “Female Founder 100” list and the MM+M “Hall of Femme” in 2021 and was honored as a DTC Innovator and a PM360 ELITE in 2019. She has spoken at conferences including the DTC Forum on Social Media and Technology, Health Datapalooza and Digital Pharma. Mary is an advocate for women in technology and has served as a SXSW mentor. She is a graduate of the College of William & Mary School of Business and George Mason University.



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PatientInsights by MyHealthTeam

MyHealthTeam regularly conducts research, surveys, and polls with its audience of more than 20 million patient visitors and 4 million registered members. This research helps us to listen, learn, and then act upon what patients are saying, feeling, and needing. 

These studies are also frequently selected to be featured at global health care meetings. In 2023, MyHealthTeam research was featured at more than 13 medical conferences covering health equity, treatment satisfaction, and burden of disease across several medical conditions. This investment in research by MyHealthTeam is necessary to connect the dots between patients, health care professionals, and pharma and biotech companies to collectively improve health outcomes. 

May 2024
Patient Reported Attitudes Towards Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
March 2024
Patient-Reported Health Inequities Among Breast Cancer Patients
October 2023
Patient-identified treatment goals for psoriatic disease: results from a US patient survey
October 2023
Understanding the Patient Perspective in Living With and Treating Spondyloarthritis
May 2023
Patient-Reported Health Inequities Among Multiple Sclerosis Patients
May 2024
Understanding the Debilitating Nature of Narcolepsy in Patients' Own Words: A Social Listening Analysis
March 2024
Patient Reported Impact of Psoriasis and Desired Treatment Outcomes
October 2023
Path to Diagnosis and Impact of Narcolepsy on Quality of Life: A Survey of People Living With Narcolepsy
May 2023
Patient Reported Impact of Multiple Sclerosis on Quality of Life
December 2023
Patient Reported Impact of Irritable Bowel Disease and Desired Treatment Options
October 2023
Understanding Daytime and Nighttime Treatment Needs From the Patient’s Perspective: A Survey of People Living With Narcolepsy
October 2023
Understanding Narcolepsy Treatments From the Patient’s Perspective: A Survey of People Living With Narcolepsy
May 2023
Understanding the Patient Perspective in Living With and Treating Vitiligo
December 2022
Patient Perspectives on the COVID-19 Pandemic: Research findings presented at The Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (AIBD) conference in 2022

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