MyMSTeam to Release Multiple Sclerosis Health Equity and Quality of Life Research, and Achieves Significant Milestone on MS Awareness Day

MyMSTeam Has Reached Almost All MS Patients Online In The Past Two Years

SAN FRANCISCO,CA/May 30, 2023MyHealthTeam, creator of MyMSTeam, the largest social network in the world for people facing multiple sclerosis (MS), today announced, on MS Awareness Day, the release of two important studies of patients living with Multiple Sclerosis. The research will be featured during the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) conference held on May 31 – June 3 in Aurora, CO, and available online at MyHealthTeam’s website. The studies focus on:

  1. Quantifying the Impact of Multiple Sclerosis on Quality of Life – Research was undertaken to better understand how people living with MS describe its sum total impact on their lives. In total, 629 members completed the 33-question survey. The findings of the study highlight the far-reaching impact of MS on quality of life, physical activity and mental health. The research also found that despite obstacles, patients were proactive in managing MS, including adhering to their prescribed treatment regimen to both slow progression and manage MS symptoms.
  2. Identifying Opportunities to Improve Health Equity Among Multiple Sclerosis Patients – Conducted in partnership with Publicis Health Media (PHM), research was undertaken to better understand potential disparities in healthcare quality, affordability, and access based on gender, ethnicity, or race of patients living with MS. In total, 1,935 members completed the 34-question survey. The research found that MS detrimentally impacts quality of life regardless of demographics. However, access to, affordability and quality of care look different based on ethnicity, race, and gender.

The research was announced on the same day that MyMSTeam celebrated a significant milestone of reaching over 809,000 MS patients in the past two years (nearly 81% of all MS patients in the U.S.) as of the social network’s 10th anniversary. 

“We launched MyMSTeam a decade ago with the goal of making it easy for all people facing MS to find the people, support and information they need to best manage their condition. We also wanted to make sure their voices were heard by decision makers in the healthcare industry,” explained Eric Peacock, CEO and co-founder of MyHealthTeam. “Now that we reach most MS patients in the U.S., it is especially important that we collaborate with partners like PHM to provide the research, education, and products to help improve outcomes for underserved populations in the MS community.”

There are one million Americans living with an MS diagnosis, and about one-third of those are registered members on MyMSTeam. In the past two years MyMSTeam has reached over 80% of the U.S. MS community or nearly all MS patients online.  Additional accomplishments achieved by MyMSTeam over the past ten years include: 

  • 11 conference presentations of research conducted with members of MyMSTeam including posters or presentations at CMSC, ECTRIMS and the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy.
  • A landmark research study on cognition in MS that led to a patient education center seen by over 400,000 MS patients
  • Breakthrough patient education series on symptoms and side effects of MS including managing sexual dysfunction, bowel and bladder issues, spasticity, mood and mental health
  • Over 1 million online conversations between MS patients
  • Over 25,000 patient questions answered
  • Hundreds of medically-approved articles and interviews with MS specialists
  • One marriage between two members of MyMSTeam!

Looking forward to the next decade, MyMSTeam is focusing on combining the vast set of wisdom and data generated in the social network to help users predict, anticipate and prepare for what may be coming next for them in their journey with MS.

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